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Time to sit back and have a cup of coffee

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lesson relearned

Never take two young children to the mall by yeourself. I took Caitlyn and Brent to Northpark Mall yesterday. We went with our moms group to see the train but the lines were to long. So we went over to the area for storytime. We waited 30 minutes,Santa came out, Caitlyn freaked out, then settled down, started talking non-stop, so I had to take them both out. I couldn't take the stroller because there were too many people around it. So I took them both into Nieman Marcus to go potty. Well apparently people in Nieman (the closest bathroom) don't look kindly on crazy 2 year olds. I got so many dirty looks and believe me she wasn't even being that bad. After that 20 min. bathroom trip we met up with our group, ate lunch in the food court, while Caitlyn cried and had to sit in my lap. When she finally sat in her own chair she spilled her drink and soaked her pants. We finally left after a long trip to a crowded bathroom. Whew! I didn't even get to go to one store, I was worn out.


  1. Did you take the doggy backpack?

  2. Selective memory is such a great thing. I don't remember any such trying times with your girls. Your mother might, but I just don't remember. It could be that someday you will have selective memory, too. Till then, hold on, the ride may not slow down for some time.