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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Awesome Gift

If you are looking for a cool gift to get for someone on your gift list this is it. It is a battery operated vacuum. It is really convenient and can be used on the tile, wood floors, carpet and fireplace hearth. The last place is the best. That is a difficult place to keep clean and this handy little guy does the trick.

Caitlyn loves it too. She is pushing the sweeper in the picture above.

My grandpa and grandma got us this present. We exchange presents at Thanksgiving every other year. They got Caitlyn a beloved baby doll. My grandma also made Brent a sheet blanket that I adore and a Christmas apron with my name on it. She made aprons for all the young ladies in our family (believe me that's a lot of work). They always get the best presents for our large family (Brent was number 60).

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma. We love all our presents. I know this may be an unconventional thank you card but this is the best I can do these days.

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