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Monday, December 10, 2007

My little reader

I am so proud! Teaching reading is my favorite subject. I love watching kids as they learn to read. That is probably one of the biggest reasons I love teaching 1st grade. Well tonight I saw Caitlyn do two pre-reading skills.

First she was reading the pictures in a book. She would say, "Now she is sleeping" (A girl was sleeping). "Now it's a book" (she was pointing to a book on the next page). She did that for about half the book. I am so proud. This is an awesome first step.

Next I heard her reciting "Brown Bear, Brown Bear". She didn't have all the words, but she had the rhythm and most of the words. Memorizing (and eventually pointing to the words) repetitious patterns is a another fantastic pre-reading skill.

Now I fully understand that it is too early for her to read, and I'm not pushing her. I am just enjoying seeing the pre-reading skills she is picking up on. This is so fun!

Caitlyn also made me very proud in the "reading room" as we sometimes call it. This weekend she started going to the bathroom by herself. She told me she would do it "all by myself" and a few times she closed the door. She used the stool, crawled up on the potty and sat without the potty ring! Now it was sometimes and mostly an act of playing but anyway I was so proud. Today she went to the bathroom, by herself, and (sorry to be so graphic) she pooped!!!!!!!!!! I'm jumping with joy. She told me she did it and I said I needed to see proof and there it was. We might be potty trained in the near future.

Brent doesn't want to be outdone though. He said "momma" this weekend. Now I know it seems like I'm delusional but my friend Jennifer, babysitter and her daughter all heard it. He has said it at least 3 different times. Okay so I know he is just starting to put sounds and syllables together. When I say "starting" I realize that it is the very, very beginning, but it is fun nevertheless to share what a sweet sound I heard this weekend.

Brent has also been holding his head up so well. Here is a picture of him holding his head up.

Lastly, and the least important, although makes a big difference here, I found Dora and Diego paper plates. In my house (I got this from my sister) we never go without paper plates. We do use regular dishes but paper plates are a wonderful staple. Caitlyn has really enjoyed her new plates! It makes dinner, lunch and breakfast and clean up much easier.

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  1. Sounds like your crew is definitely gifted and talented!

    We never go without paper plates. Sometimes we switch it up and use zoo pal plates!