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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Accomplishments/To do's

I want to take a moment to put down all the things I have accomplished lately and then equal it out with all the things I have to do. Here goes:

All grades are inputed at school.
Reorganized schedule to incorporate tutoring time.
Planned an awesome unit on the Alamo! (Dad, I know you appreciate this one!)
Planned new centers/novel discussions for my reading block.
---all 4 of those were yesterday during our teacher "work" day.
Bought Brent's birth certificate ($23-can you believe it?)
Opened a savings account for Brent.
Organized my pantry, recipes & menu list.
Potty-trained daughter (with LOTS of help from her sitter.

Big things to do:
Send out thank you cards from Christmas.
Fix sidebars on my blog to hold recipes.
Pull off Caitlyn's birthday party.
Start scrapbooking with the new computer program my hubby bought me.

It feels good to put in writing all that I've done. It's easy to feel like you are never getting anything accomplished, so this makes me feel better and ready to tackle more.

I challenge you to do the same and show off your list, to me!


  1. Well, I refuse the challenge. I can't be baited. BUT I must say that if you are worshipping God and teaching about the Alamo, life is pretty near perfect. You have my vote for greatest person.