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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Go Diego Birthday Party

Caitlyn had her 3rd birthday party this Saturday. It was a great time and actually very relaxing for me. She had 6 friends come. Jeff said his favorite part of the day was when each of her friends arrived. She'd greet them at the door and scream, "Happy Birthday". She was so happy and kept telling me "my friends are here".

She was greeted with Diego decorations and balloons and was ecstatic to know that her party had arrived. We started out by making individual pizzas. We used the canned pizza dough and it tasted awesome!

While the pizzas were baking the kiddos played in her toy room. They all ate their pizzas, we sang, ate cupcakes and then opened presents. Oh yeah, we played Put the Spot on Baby Jaguar. All the kids loved it, but Caitlyn would not do it because she would not put the blind fold on. She kept trying to put a spot on the exact "spot". She was just like, "Look mom it goes here, dumbie".

Caitlyn got a lot of Diego toys. She was extremely excited to open all her presents. She got an Elefun, (that name might be wrong) but it is where the butterflies fly out of an Elephant's nose. It is pretty cute and she enjoys it. She loved it all.

When we were singing happy birthday, we get to the end and we notice Caitlyn is gone. She took off and ran across the room. I think she got a little freaked out by all the attention, but she came back and blew out the candles.

It is hard to believe my little girl will be 3 years old on Tuesday. She is amazing, stubborn but amazing.

Tune in on Tuesday or Wednesday for a "Look back on the last 3 years"


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    We are currently planning the bunny's 3rd bday party--I can't believe she is turning 3!!!!

  2. How fun! How amazing that has been 3 years! I was remembering that special time. What a doll! Sounds like a great party.