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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby "Angel" Monitor

When Caitlyn was about 6 weeks old, we figure out we would never get any sleep if Caitlyn had to sleep on her back. That was definitely a no-go. So after much thought, prayer, research and consulting our favorite doctor, we decided to put her to sleep on her tummy. However, I would only do this if we could buy the Angel Monitor (sorry I don't know the maker).

This monitor detects movement so when there is a lack of movement it beeps loudly.

This was the best investment ever, whether she slept on her tummy or back, because I could sleep restfully. The minute we put Caitlyn to sleep on her stomach she sighed a big sigh of relief and I'm sure was thinking, "Finally, they figured it out. They sure are slow."

So last night I put Brent to bed and was working or maybe resting, can't remember. Either way, I heard the beeping and I took off like a bolt of lightening up the stairs, scared out of my mind. I ran into his room, whipped him up out of the bed and into my arms. He was like a rag doll, but praise the Lord, it was only because he was sound asleep. Even after a million kisses, he was out like a light and never woke up.

I finally figured out one of the wires came out of the monitor. After discovering this, I just knelt and prayed, thankful that my sweet, baby boy is safe and sound.

I don't know where I would be without prayer and Jesus! I think I have prayed more as a mother than I have in my whole life.

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