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Monday, January 21, 2008

Snuggling Sweeties

I have had lots of fun snuggling with my babies this weekend. Caitlyn has been crawling in bed with me in the mornings and instead of demanding to watch CT she cuddles and lays stills and often falls back to sleep.

I love holding Brent at night when he falls asleep. I can give him as many kisses as I want and he doesn't wake up. I even had to call his daddy and tell him how much I love Brent, I just couldn't contain myself and had to tell someone.

Caitlyn's hair was fixed in little clips, clipped back on either side of her part, and for a brief second she looked like me when I was young. Of course, I only know this from pictures, but still.

She has been doing so much better since our "trip to Wal-mart". I like to think that we are entering a new phase, one where she listens to me and stops the craziness.

Some of her sayings (imagine a cute little voice!)
"Mommy----, where---- are---- you?" This is hollared all over the house when she misplaces me. When I answer she'll say, "I'm com----ing". I wish you could hear how cute it sounds.

She loves it when Brent wakes up. It seems to be her job to announce that "Brent wake up" to both her daddy and I. How cute, but doesn't she know that we know!!!!

I took her to the bathroom (and now I was warned of this!) at our favorite restaurant, Chiloso and she ran out screaming, "Daddy, I went pee-pee!" Luckily the only couple that seemed to notice, thought it was so cute and commented that their children had done that too.

When she is watching a movie she will pat the seat beside her and ask me to sit down with her. She has the cutest way of saying this and of course I give in and sit with her and snuggle.

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  1. Finally, another person who gets the fact that sometimes, we just want to eat our kids up they are so stinkin' cute!!!

    I hear ya--sometimes I can't contain myself either ;)