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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Super Tough Day, Right off the bat

This morning started out great, I got to sleep until 6:30 - WOW! (Okay I was up at 12, 4, and 5ish, but for very short moments). Anyway, hold on, I want to prepare you that I am going to vent. This is my journal for the day, so I can get it out and on paper, so I give you the right to exit now. If you stick around, an encouraging word would be awesome. I'll try to make this quick and then move on.

First thing, I was pulled out by my principal to talk to guardians who were unhappy about a situation that I was a witness to. It took up the whole morning and my students greatly suffered, since they needed me to be there to review them for the science 9-weeks assessment tomorrow. Instead I had to meet and then teach math.

I know that is a lot of vague information, but honestly I can say no more about the meeting, except say a prayer for teachers tonight. Teachers need support! But it was horrible.

After the meeting, an intern filled in for my class, and I stepped into "math teacher" role. And of course, they were working on equivalent fractions, ugh! I think I only messed up my homeroom class, by the 2nd and 3rd rotations, I had it down pat. Luckily I could go over it again with my HR in the afternoon. You know sometimes you just need more than .2 seconds to refresh yourself on how to teach equivalent fractions.

After the horrible, no good, very bad day at school, I proceeded to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things. But (stupidly) I decided to go get the kids first. So I STUPIDLY took them with me. Now I want to clarify that Brent was awesome and didn't even cry when Caitlyn threw her backpack into the back of the cart on this little face, GRRRR!

Caitlyn - yea, that's a whole other story. She cried from getting out of the car all the way through each aisle, the checkout and back to getting in the car. She was horrible. She wanted, wanted, wanted.

Now why do people stare at you when your kid is crying. I promise I took immediate action (on just about every aisle). She wouldn't listen or even look at me. Just a bad, bad, bad shopping experience.

I got the few things I needed and got the heck out of dodge. The cashier was awesome, BTW. But on the way out my PB fell out of the sack, my soda fell off the cart and the last thing to fall were the diapers. Grrrrr!

I'm putting everyone and everything in the car (oh yea, still screaming) and notice I can barely squeeze into the car b/c the vehicle next to me parked way too close. So I have to put Brent in on the passenger side, front seat. Caitlyn even cried about that, Where's Brent, I need Brent right here. Of course, I moved him after I pulled out of the parking spot.

So then I get home where I have to unload and to top off my day everyone is crying and the dogs are going crazy to be fed. I don't know how I hold it together sometimes.

I know I'm firm and consistent with her but she does not mind me like she does Jeff. So therefore I am not taking her to any store, restaurant or public venue w/out her dad until she is 19.

On a positive, Caitlyn had a great dinner time and went to bed easy tonight. She wore big girl panties all day!!!! Brent is resting peacefully on my shoulder right now and enjoyed a helping of sweet potatoes today.


  1. Well, I think you are awesome! I can't imagine how you do it, and I wouldn't even begin to try. I am sorry for such a challenging day, but I rejoice that you made it through. Awesome, awesome, awesome -- you make me proud!!

  2. Oh, yeah! She may not say, and you might know believe it, but Kari has those kinds of days, too. Remember, misery loves company.

  3. Oooof. Rough day. Are you sure it was a Tuesday? :) I utterly refuse to bring my kids to the store, and they are 8 and 10! Just too much to deal with, even on the best of days.

    Found you through Sci-fi Dad. Where in TX are you?

  4. These are the types of days that teach us grace. I'm a lot more sympathetic to moms with screaming kids and frustrated looks since I have been there too. I can sometimes even remember to carry grace for drivers that are rude and for annoying people (I am never rude nor annoying though - lol) - I'll assume they must have had a terrible day. I think you do an amazing job with all you do! I love reading about your sweet kids and how much you enjoy them. I think you are a great mom.

    When my kids are out of control and I need them to hold it together I can sometimes turn the tide by stopping and hugging them really tight - changes both our attitudes just enough. (Works at 2 and at 19.)

  5. I feel you Steph! I'm always told by the teacher how well behaved Sara was in class but you definitely can't tell that when she gets home! It's like she holds all her badness for when she gets here. Well, I'd rather her act bad when I'm around then when I'm not. I guess maybe something I'm doing is working!! :)