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Monday, January 7, 2008

Now this is a workout!

I finally made it to the gym last night. I was able to make it 30 minutes on the elliptical machine and I actually enjoyed myself. Unfortunately I had such a great workout that I was sore today. I like to think that that means pounds are melting off.

Tonight I worked out at home because I can't take baby boy to the gym until he is 6 months. I found a great tv station, FitTV, so I did a stretch workout with workout bands. It was a great workout because it really helped stretch out some sore muscles. Now here comes the title of this post.......Caitlyn also really liked the bands. She tugged at them, pulled them, and played with them - yea, while I was working out. I'd like to think that this has given me a better workout, but, um, not really sure about that. Anyway, we had the opportunity to giggle and "roll around" on the floor and spend time together.

We started Brent on cereal yesterday. He loves it! When I gave him his first bite, he started flailing his hands around. Tonight Caitlyn swooped in and gave him a bite because apparently I was too busy trying to get her dinner on the table and she didn't feel Brent should wait any longer. Geez, what a good helper.

Here are some pictures of Caitlyn sharing ice cream with dad at our New Years Eve dinner at El Chico. Yes, I know, we are party animals!!!

Check out the cute t-shirt. It says, "Daddy's future hunting Buddy"

Here are a couple pictures of New Years Day when Brent watched TV with dad. Check out his shirt, "Shhh, I'm watching the game with dad". What a cute little chunk.

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