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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Work out

This is really just a check in, with myself, because I went to work out again. My new schedule (it has changed at least 4 times since this all started) is to go right after school and then go pick up the kids.

It worked out really nice today because I'm not too tired after school and I'm still out early enough to cook dinner, spend time with the kids and then drop on the couch.

Unfortunately my knee is hurting so badly. Grrrr

Caitlyn is in Brent's room, doing God knows what, so I better go check on her. She is totally busted by the baby monitor.

She was laying on the floor in between the two bedrooms, because that is so comfortable. She's crazy. Anyway she had turned on Brent's mobile, by taking the stool over, turning it on and being wise she moved the stool back to it's original spot. I know, I know I should remove the stool.

Anyway my knee is better and now not hurting when I go up and down the stairs.

This might be the weirdest post ever, but oh well. I'm going to doze on the couch now-YEAH!!!!!

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  1. Very knee started bothering me before the holidays. Then, I didn't go to the gym for a week and when I went back, I stayed off the treadmill and it seems to be better.

    My massage therapist said it had to do with inflamed tendons in the back--not fun when you're trying hard to stick to working out, is it?