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Monday, August 15, 2011

Disney Word Day 3 Part 1 (Animal Kingdom)

 Animal Kingdom is one of our favorite parks.  It is so beautiful and reminds me a lot of the San Diego Zoo in some ways.  We started this morning with breakfast at The Tusker House with Donald and some of his very special friends. 
 Their breakfast was fantastic and our waiter was hysterical!  Brent liked Mickey this morning and couldn't wait to get a picture with him today, go figure.
 But he would have nothing to do with Daisy!
 Goofy was a big hit!
 Then we went on a ride through the Kilimanjaro Safari.  This is a big favorite and we both times we have gone here first.
 We saw hippos (which is hard to see in this picture)
 elephants and so many more elephants.
 We walked through another section and saw beautiful fish, birds making nests, gorillas and believe me have photos to document it all.
 There is also beautiful stone work all around the park.  During these pictures we were actually taking what little bit of cover we could find while waiting in line for the "It's Tough to Be a Bug" adventure because it was pouring down rain.
 Brent was being so patient while those over 48" rode the Maharajah Jungle Trek roller coaster.  It turned out to be Caitlyn's favorite ride even though it goes backwards at one point.  Her exact words were, "It's Awesome!"  The ticket handlers loved her and kept giving her a fast pass to ride it over and over.  After 4 times we had to give them away to some one else.  We couldn't make this little guy wait any longer even if it was going by so quickly!
 The park is centered around this Tree of Life
 Here are my licensed deep sea divers.
 If you need a Jungle Guide just call!  Don't be scared!

 Jeff is always looking for a good fishing partner, I think he found one that won't even talk.
 We were able to end our day with a beautiful parade.
 Disney's parades are the best
 At this point of the day I was running out of room on my camera and going back and deleting pictures while taking them.  Very fun and stressful all at the same time.

There are more pictures to come of our wonderful day!

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  1. Great picts! Looks like a wonderful time!