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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Walt Disney World Day 1

This was another early day.  We left our condo at 5 AM and drove 3.5 hours to Orlando. We stopped at Denny's and had breakfast before we arrived at Walt Disney World.

We stayed at the Polynesian Resort and again we were blessed in that they had our room ready early.
We were greeted with many "Aloha's" and the scenery is amazing!  I would highly recommend this resort.
At Disney World there are Mickey's hidden everywhere.  Brent was actually really good at finding them.  He would be running along very fast and stop and point them out and then keep going. 
We quickly headed over to Hollywood Studios.  And it was HOT!
We had lunch with Handy Manny.
Oso and two other characters from Little Einsteins.
Check out these adorable cuties.  They were such troopers today.  We didn't get a stroller but quickly realized that we would need a double stroller for the remainder of the week.
We watched the funniest Star Wars shows.
Saw 3D shows, rode rides and had a blast!  We had dinner at Wolf Gang Puck at Downtown Disney. 
These babies were wore out every night.  But they enjoyed every, single minute of the day!

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