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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ham's Orchards

 Jenn and I had heard a lot about Ham's Orchard.  We wanted to go last year and didn't make it.  We made sure to go in June.
 We got wonderful peach ice cream early in the morning, 9:30 to be exact.  I've never done that as a mother.  The kids loved the place.  I must admit, I was not as impressed.  Maybe I came at the wrong time of day.  Maybe I have heard so much and thought there was more to do.  But it was kind of a big let down.
 Oh well, the company was fantastic!
 The entertainment was fantastic!

 And we had the whole place to ourselves!
And if you like to shop for vegetables and fruit to take home they have a darling little shop.  I would just suggest not to take these two cuties with you!!

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  1. That is one thing we didn't get around to doing this year:( We love to go there for yummy ice cream and shop in the general store.