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Monday, August 15, 2011

Disney Word Day 3 Part 3 (Swimming & Dinner)

 We tried each afternoon to head to the pool.  Today the kids were able to stay the longest and they had games too.
 One of the games was to dive for these things.

 Our guys love to swim.
 And you can always find Brent jumping and diving into the pool no matter how shallow.  Luckily he is still scared of deep end!

 Everyone went down the water slide except Brent.  He really wanted to and he would go up the stairs and almost do it but in the end he would walk back down.  He finally sat here and waited for dad, grandma and sissy to come down.  His expression was so sweet and nervous. 

 Here are the fearless 3 getting ready to slide down.

 I love this picture of Caitlyn.
 I got a hunch that Brent just might come down because it was just Caitlyn and him at the top.  She had gone and I thought, I better get my camera ready and sure enough here he came.  He did it one more time and loved it but of course by then it was time to go.
 We got ready to go out to dinner at the Floridian Cafe.  We were excited to be able to ride the monorail to this resort as well and we had heard wonderful things about this property as well.
 From first sight it did not disappoint.  This is where you walk into from the monorail and directly across the way they have a full band playing with a grand piano.  Beautiful.
 We chose to walk down the grand staircase and of course I made Zita pose but lost the rest of the family somewhere.
 Here is a pose of the staircase looking up.
 We had a wonderful dinner and for dessert the kids had worms in dirt.
 Yummy or yuck - you choose!
 I love pianos and especially grand pianos so I had to get a picture here.
Lastly Caitlyn and her daddy danced while the gentleman played one of the Disney ballads on the grand piano.  It was such a fun evening.  Jeff and Brent were able to hit up the pool again when we went back to the hotel but Caitlyn was sick from all the sweet foods we had been eating all day.  She did feel better by the next day.

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