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Monday, August 22, 2011

First Grade

 Caitlyn started her first day of school at her new school today.  Her daddy took her to IHOP and thankfully was able to bring me a coffee because I left mine on the counter at home.  Whew!  He saved me or the kids, could be either ones.  Haha!  Last night she told me she was nervous and scared but today after school she immediately said she loved it.  She already had teacher friends to play with after school.  I sent her in a kindergartner and when she came to my room after school she even looked like a first grader.
Her teachers name is Mrs. Huffines and we are ready for a great year.  I've been nervous about having to change schools and I don't know why, my social butterfly did just fine! 

Me on the other hand - UGH!  Just like normal I have been working like crazy.  Beginning of school is a workout.  My feet are screaming at me,  my brain is on overload but I know it will simmer down very soon.  My class of 20 is so sweet and my room organization has come together real nice. 

Last quick note, Caitlyn cracked me up when she opened up the dishwasher and looked at me and asked, "Are these clean or dirty?"  My baby girl is growing up and I'm enjoying every little bit.  Love her.


  1. So glad the two of you had a great day! My feet are screaming and my brain is on overload too!!!

  2. Glad everyone had a great day and your right...her hair looks super red in that picture.

  3. So happy Caitlyn is loving her new school! Mrs. Huffines student taught at Hartman...sweet, sweet!
    Holly Moore

  4. Glad you girls had a great first day! I hope there are many more to follow!
    -Diane Havens