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Friday, August 19, 2011

Florida Beach Day 3

 This was our longest day at the beach.  It did rain pour while we were there but we were eating during that time and we were able to make a go of it for the rest of the day.  Check out the sand castle here and Caitlyn's "pose".
 Jeff really got into hunting for shells too.  We brought them all home and Jeff made holes in the good shells.  We are making a shell necklace for Caitlyn and that was Jeff's idea.  So sweet!
 These guys had so much fun and it was so beautiful.  Although we reapplied twice everyone got burned really bad on their backs.  I felt so awful for not being a better mom (sad face).
 Caitlyn is decorating the tops of the castle with shells.  Unfortunately their moat never held water.

This is the view from our tent/chairs.  Very nice day!

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