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Monday, August 15, 2011

Disney Word Day 3 Part 2 (Bone Yard)

I found more picture!!!  At one point in the day, Jeff and Zita decided to ride a ride that would take 50 minutes.  I thought it would be best to take the kids to Dino Land.  There was only one ride open this year for them to ride.  I rode with them but had the perfect opportunity to take a picture before getting on.
 During our wait we happened upon a Bone Yard, which is a play area for kids.  It was a perfect place to wait and besides being disgustingly hot it was really nice to just sit and hang out and talk to other parents.  I met a mother that brought her family over for 4 days from England.  I thought that was a crazy short visit to come so far, wow!
 I rescued these two cuties from jail and even gave them water.  Don't they look so hot!

 We had no idea how far the Bone Yard went but Caitlyn discovered this wonderful part at the end of our time.  It was so cool here.  They had a digging portion set up and did I mention that it was so nice and cool here?

After going and going for 3 days already this play time was much needed!

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