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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Disney World Day 2 Part 2

 We were honored to be able to take Caitlyn to the Castle in the center of the Magic Kingdom to eat at the Royal Table restaurant with the princesses.
 Here is her Royal Invitation.  I love how BIG they do everything here.
 Cinderella is signing her autograph book as we enter the castle.
 Then she took her picture with Cinderella and our whole family took a picture with her also.
 Our prince and princess were given wishing stars, a wand and a sword.
 First we met Sleeping Beauty!  Notice the prince laying down because she was a girl.  He loved pointing out when they were getting closer but would duck out of reach.
 Ariel was a big hit!  We love her red hair.
 Belle stayed and talked to Caitlyn probably the longest.  She talked about reading which was a big hit at our table!
 Jasmine was the last to stop by. 
 We let the kids play at the Laughin' Place while I cooled down from near heat exhaustion. 
 We caught a parade and Disney's parade are extremely magnificent!
 I love getting pictures of my kids watching and waving.
 Capturing their little faces is amazing.  People were so generous and during  both parades we watched people made a way to get our kids to the front without us even asking.

 We were so much happier in our double stroller today and we worked our spray fans like crazy all four days.

 We are ending our day in these pictures. 
 Jeff was so good to let me stop and take as many pictures as I wanted. Last time we went to Disney I lost all my pictures.  I am so thankful to get a second chance.
 We went back to the hotel and went swimming.  I think the kids were there for about 20 minutes before it just started pouring down.  This didn't stop them because their grandma and dad are such great sports but the lightning stopped them. 
 It rained every day from then on out but we were still able to enjoy the fireworks from the beach at our resort.  Brent fell asleep during the fireworks show. 
 Caitlyn and I had a few photos to pick up at the gift shop and she wanted to take a few photos.
 This was her favorite pose of the vacation.  I think she could fit right in this scene. There were a ton more but obviously this post is already picture heavy!


  1. I love all the pics! I love the hotel you stayed at... one of my favs!

  2. Great pictures! Darling Princess and peek-a-boo Prince! You are a great tour guide.