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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Disney World Day 2 Part 1

We started our day by riding the monorail to the Contemporary Resort to have breakfast with Mickey and the gang.
 We saw Goofy first!
 Then Mickey came around and oddly enough Brent did not want to be in the picture with him. 
 He really did like seeing Donald even though this picture didn't capture it very well.
 Caitlyn loved seeing Minnie and loved her high heeled shoes.  Brent refused to get his picture taken with any girls the entire time at DW.
 He loved Goofy and ran to him for a big hug, so cute!
 Pluto was so cute interacting with the kids.
 We made it over to Magic Kingdom before it opened for the day!
 They put on a show before they open the gate and it is so magical!
 Isn't my princess so adorable?!!!!
 We spotted Pinocchio right away and added him to our collection of autographs.  Brent was very particular about who he would have sign his book and take a picture with.
 This picture was taken bravely after a Toy Story ride.  Some of the rides scared Brent so much and he would be so brave during the ride and then break down and cry afterward.   He really did great overall.
 We rode race cars.  Mom and Caitlyn won!!!
 Rode Dumbo!
 And of course rode the Carousel.
And all of this was before lunch.


  1. I love the Chef Mickey breakfast... although it is a little overwhelming trying to enjoy the yummy food, all the while getting pictures, autographs, singing, and dancing. I am always worn out after we leave there! I have never seen the show they do before they open the gates... how cute!

  2. Darling pictures of my darling grandkids having a wonderful time! Love it! Love you!