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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So it's been a week and I went today for another checkup. And I have 20/15 vision. That is better than 20/20. I'm so happy. I still have to do drops for the next 4 weeks, but they are less frequent. Well I still have to do some every 30-60 minutes, but.... that's for dryness and well worth it.

I don't have to wear goggles or night guards (which secretly I had already given myself permission to stop wearly). I know I'm bad. I can touch my eyes and wear makeup again! Yeah for me and the outside world. My mom used to say, put on makeup cause I have to look at you!!! Go mom!

It is like a whole new world out there. I'll never forget the first time I got contacts in 7th grade and I realized that the trees in the ditch behind our house had individual leaves on them. Now, I knew this but I never saw this! It's little things like that I am noticing all the time. It is so cool.

I posted twice today so read on down!


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  2. Congratulations, Stephie! God always gives us the desires of our heart, and patience on our part allows His plan to work for us. You were patient, and now look! You have 20/15 vision, just like your mother. For years your vision was terrible, just like your Dad's. Now you have eyes like your mother. Share and share alike.

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