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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It might be funny, if you weren't the mom

If your child came into the kitchen nonchalantly while you feeding your baby and told you that they were going to paint their nails. You noticed that as they were walking they were also taking their nail polish off with a cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover. Yep, I double checked on that and it had been poured and spilled on top of the bathroom counter top.

If you found your child dragging your alarm clock from your bedroom across the living the room and toward the kitchen. You notice that she has a blanket set up for her bed and a boppy set up for her brother's bed.

You probably wouldn't laugh though if you went to pick her up at the babysitter and got to talking as you do everyday and then started to walk out the door. So you call for your child and she doesn't call. Still doesn't come. Then you both start scouring the house, back yard, front yard and yes ------- you find her in the front yard, across the street, by the fire hydrant. Luckily she lives on a cul-de-sac with very little traffic and another mom happened to be out that knows Caitlyn and was watching her. PTL!

These all happened in one day, actually like one hour. Do you see a little bit of independence going on here?

So now I want to hear your stories, What would be funny, if you weren't the mom?


  1. I remember when my daughter, Riley, was about 13 months old. We were "chatting away" on the drive home when she said "all clean." Wondering what she had cleaned I looked back to see her sandals off and 10 wet little toes that were in fact, all clean. Ick!

  2. Just about the time you reach the stage in life when you energy and reflexes slow down, so do your children. Then you are urging them to hurry up. Amazing how these things work together. Think maybe God had a plan? Still, the across-the-street venture is a little heart-stopping. Thank God for neighbors! He has His unknown helpers stashed all around you.

  3. If the children built a fort using every cushion, pillow, blanket, and movable piece of furniture in the house while I was in the shower!...Two days in a row!