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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Super Saturday

Just another maniac Saturday!!!!!

What a fun day we had. The morning flew by in a flurry and I honestly cannot remember what we did besides fight over who would get the last piece of toast. Of course, I won because I am bigger!

It was a gorgeous day here, it reached 88 degrees here. We spent time outside in the backyard. Caitlyn colored on the sidewalk and Brent hung out in his "drum set" while I mowed the backyard, which will be a surprise for Jeff.

Then we all took a long nap and when Caitlyn woke up dry again in panties (because Target has run out of pull-ups and we have to save all of ours for night time now) we went to the park. Brent got to swing for the first time. I think he liked it but I'm not sure he was totally sure of the whole situation! He was just checking it all out but he looked adorable in his new summer hat.

We then went out to eat. Just myself and the kids. It was an interestingly, fun time. I ate and fed Brent while Caitlyn sort of ate but curled up as close to me as possible because she was cold. Brent's high chair strap was broken and that was the 2nd high chair I had gotten so I ended up holding him while eating, feeding him with a 3 year old attached. Fun times.

When we got there I was going to take Caitlyn to the bathroom. This is a restroom we frequent often (Chiloso's). So we went through the line and set the things down we could and I turned around and Caitlyn was gone. I realized she was already in the bathroom. When I got in there she was just finishing up and putting her shorts back up. Apparently we got there so often she feels right at home. Luckily it is so much like home and pretty clean too!

We hit up Target before coming home and putting everyone to bed. Don't think I didn't tackle a ton of loads of laundry too. Well at least I have them divided into their own loads lined up, waiting their turn.

As I was cleaning up the fishing line that was strewn all around the toy room and around the kitchen ta-boot! I found two lockets of Caitlyn's hair and a pair of scissors. I have not had a chance to see what kind of damage she did but I didn't notice anything drastic at dinner time and I know she didn't do it when we got home. Anyway back to the fishing line, I had to cut it when she was standing stuck in the line, with it tight around her ankles. I put it up and that won't be a toy anymore. I think we will use it for the real deal, at the pond with dad. Anyway, her tackle box is filled with crayons and she is ready to color on the go. I know her dad will be so proud!

It's my turn to teach (watch) the one year old's in Sunday School tomorrow and then we are going to put a glaze on the master bathroom tomorrow afternoon. Jeff returns tomorrow and I am not doing anything tomorrow night or at least I'm going to dream about it!

So how was your Saturday?

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