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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm not Stephanie

Caitlyn became very interested several weeks ago with people's name. What's your name mommy? What's daddy's name? What's papa's name? Mimi's? Brents? etc, etc. So I would tell her. She was pleased with that and of course I have answered the questions repeatedly, sometimes within the same sitting. I have even turned it back on her. What's dad's name?

Well now, she has turned it on us. If we don't answer on the 2nd call, she will call us by our first name. So we are constantly saying, I'm not Stephanie (Jeff) I'm mommy (daddy).

She is a hoot!!!! Luckily her saving grace is that she sounds so darn adorable.

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  1. This bothers Ryan way more than it does me. He just tells the kids that they are the only two in the world who get to call me mommy! Kinda cool if you think about it!