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Friday, April 25, 2008

Free Enterprise

I'm over my pity party about being tired. And things are looking up cause it's the weekend!!! Yippee!

Only 6 more weeks of school left and that means we are getting to the fun part of school. The time when we get to start doing projects. This past week my social studies group has been researching the 1900-1950's. There are 7 different topics: Mexican Revolution (if you don't know, Texas has fought with Mexico a lot), WW1, Amendment 19 (Women's right to vote), Roaring 20's, Great Depression, The New Deal in 1933 by President Roosevelt, and WW2. Each class was divided into these seven groups and worked in groups of 3. They researched on the computer for 2 days and then put their information in a presentation of their choice. Some chose a poster board, PowerPoint, play, written report, etc. I'm so excited to hear their reports on Monday. They look so good.

All of fourth grade is participating in the annual Free Enterprise program. Students have purchased stock in the CGS company and have become part owners (receiving a stock certificate). CGS stands for Camp Grady Spruce which all their profits will go towards.

Students have written a resume on the computer (at home) which basically helps us determine which department they would like to work in. The five departments are Accounting, Manufacturing, Packaging, Sales and Advertising.

This year (every year they manufacture something different) we are making a Card Making Kit. It is a baggie (decorated extremely cute with jewels and all) with 3 cards and decorations. There is a mother's day card, birthday card and an all occasion card. We are selling the cards for $2.00 a bag.

These cards are very nice, made out of numerous pieces of card stock, scrap booking paper, die cuts, raised stickers to make it 3-D, and they are pretty glam. Totally not my idea because I am not that crafty.

I am in charge of the Sales department. We are decorating our sales table, putting together a schedule of who will sale when (at lunch time), making a tri-fold poster board of examples, practicing counting back change and role-playing how to sale.

The hardest part of the whole process (this and the research projects mentioned above) is being hands off and only being a guide. It is so hard to not just take over and do it. But they can and they are doing such a great job. They are enjoying this awesome learning process and I know they will take away much more from it then from me standing in front of them teaching. I know that has a purpose too, but still.

Tuesday and Wednesday are TAKS. That is our state wide assessment. So thoughts and prayers would be awesome. That is a small snapshot and I know my kiddos will do great but it is a long day of standing and walking around for me. It is a long day of sitting and concentrating for my kids.


  1. Sounds like a very happenin' classroom and a great teacher!
    Love you,

  2. What fun! After the tests are out of the way, that is. I always wanted to invite the first lady to come be the test proctor in my room so she could report just how stressful the tests were for my little ones! Number one rule of test taking: NO CRYING! And that's for the kids, too!