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Thursday, April 17, 2008

So many thoughts to share

Brent can sit up but chooses not to. He'd rather lay down and scoot around. Is that more normal for boys to be more interested in moving than sitting? He is really into the Gerber Puffs. He can pick them up and get them to his mouth but still has a hard time getting them out of his hand.

Caitlyn got a new Shrek fishing pole. Can't imagine who would have gotten her that? Birdies have now been spotted at her feeder on a regular basis as well. She went into the Bird Oasis at the zoo with her dad the other day and got pecked by one of the birds. She started talking about that occasion while watching the birds at the feeder last night. What a memory she is developing! Isn't she gifted!

One of the students in my rotations decided to write his own newspaper. One of his columns was about all three of his teachers. In that article I was voted as the "Pop" teacher because I sing and he added I sing very well. I might add the kids love it that I sing all the time. I love it that I can have fun with this group of kids and still teach.

We were talking about inventions and their effects. Our activity was to find an invention in the magazine and how it has effected our lives, hopefully for the better. As I was grading them today, one of students had cut out a picture of a credit card. One of his bullets said, it holds all your money. Man, I hope he is referring to a debit card. Just shows that we need to enforce real world economics class in a big way. I won't even tell you what the rest of his bullets said but it referred to the commercials, scary!!!! Their papers were cute and creative in thought, even his!

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  1. Hey, Stephanie! It's so fun to read about your life! I'm glad your surgery went well! Your kids are precious! God has truly blessed you with a wonderful family! Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you! Blessings, Kimberly Bryant