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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Her First Fish

Caitlyn finally put her Shrek fishing pole to it's intended use tonight. She caught several fish. She made her first catch while I ran back to the house to grab us all coats. Jeff said it was terribly tough holding Brent, helping Caitlyn reel in a fish, and all that goes along with that. She immediately asked that Jeff put that fishy back in the pond with it's mommy. Brent had his dinner pond-side and we fished with our neighbors who also caught a fish. We had a great time and her dad really enjoyed getting to fish with her for the first time.

In fact Caitlyn already is figuring how to get straight to her daddys heart. Jeff went turkey hunting this weekend and while we were on our way to dinner the other evening she asked me if she could go hunting with daddy and Uncle Les tomorrow. When I told Jeff that he was very happy!

Here are some fishing pictures!


  1. Thanks for helping us to "be there" for a great moment in Jeff's and Caitlyn's lives. Loved the pictures.