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Monday, April 21, 2008

pat, pat, pat

I don't want to forget that this is a cue that means I'm ready for my bottle. Brent does this when he is hungry. He will start patting me on the shoulder with his hand, kind of like he used to pat his head on me when he was ready to nurse. It's his little sign for feed me. He pats his head sometimes when he is eating his bottle too, it is so cute. Somehow it all goes together and it is so sweet and precious. It is one of those small, sweet and wonderful things that I know I will probably forget if I don't write it down.

I vaguely remember Caitlyn doing this, only because Brent is doing this now.

I adore giving Brent his evening bottle (he is only taking 3 a day now) because I can cradle him and he will sometimes fall asleep in my arms if I'm lucky. Tonight he did and I was able to then transfer him to my shoulder and hold him for an extra 30 minutes. With the first child you love it but for me, with the second child you know to treasure special moments!

Okay, now I'm all choked up! Gotta go!!!!!

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  1. Precious times, what a blessing. Treasure every moment and thank you for sharing it.

    Love you,