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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Big News

I knew I had something else very important to tell ya all yesterday. Brent Tyler Rickert has slept in his very own bed (pak-n-play) for 2 nights now. He didn't cry and I didn't have to get up multiple times to put in his passy. Although I am very excited about this progress I am also sad. It makes me realize how quickly he is growing up. I just keep reminding myself that as cute as it now to sleep with him, it is horrible when they are 18 months and squirming all over the place. Or even worse, a 2-1/2 old, and think that the middle of the night is for talking or watching tv.

Today was Brent's 2 month well child visit. He weighs 11.15 oz and is 22-1/2 inches long. He had to get 5 shots. Poor baby. But he is tough, although he cried, 5 minutes later I was able to have him rocked to sleep in my arms. PTL! I was a little worried about Caitlyn seeing Brent have shots because while the nurse was giving him an oral-suspension medicine she tried to push her away and said, "No that's my sister." Which of course I had to tell her, yet again, that Brent was her brother. Luckily she had band-aids to play with during all 5 shots. Band-aids are very important part of our laugh. They work wonders! See to see a full report of how wonderful band-aids are. If you are having a bad day - try a band-aid.

I had to take my car in to get fixed because it is leaking oil. So Jeff and I dropped it off at 7:15 am this morning. It was still not ready when my friend dropped me off at 3:30 pm. So luckily my extended warranty covered a rental. I needed to get to the kiddos fast for our dr. appt. so I opted for the Saturn they had on the premises. So 15 minutes later, car seats installed, I am on the highway speeding to get the little ones. I must admit I have become extremely spoiled with my suburban because in the little car I felt like I was sitting on the ground. All the rear view window reflections seemed so small that it almost made me sick to my stomach. And I guess now they make cars with the speedometer in the center of the dash. This is really wild when you are driving home and it is dark behind the steering wheel. Hopefully my car will be ready by tomorrow!!!

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