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Thursday, November 8, 2007

She Amazes Me

Caitlyn was watching Diego and Dora on tv tonight. All of a sudden she burst out counting in spanish from 1 - 6. She was even saying it before the tv did. Wow! I am so impressed. Jeff said this morning he was counting with her and she said, "No. Let me do it." She just started counting in English and can count to 13.

We are still working on a couple important things. I keep trying to get her to say her name. I'll say, "say Caitlyn" and she'll say, "me". The other big thing is potty training. My goodness, it is the biggest battle I think I have ever fought. We have started and stopped this process since last Octoberish. Each time we start up again she does better. Well this time, since Brent was born, you can forget it. She does great for the babysitter. Of course that is a whole side story - she is perfect for the babysitter. If anybody has any bright ideas we would much appreciate it. I just keep holding on to the fact that she will not walk across the stage and get her diploma with diapers on!

Brent is growing so fast. I keep looking at him and try to memorize every little sweet curve and the touch of his soft cheeks. Poor thing has to endure millions of kisses from his mommy. His eyes are getting darker. It looks like they are going to be a grayish hazel like his sister and daddy. Tonight he has been giving us lots and lots of smiles.

Tonight I was able to pick up my suburban. It is such a nice car and I am happy to have it back. We purchased an extended warranty and thankfully so. It saved us about $1200. Unfortunately we had to pay a deductible. I was quite upset, but handled it calmy (believe it or not!). To make a long story short the used car manager wasn't budging, even though we brought it in days after the purchase and they said nothing was wrong. The nice part of all is that when I got home this evening the salesman you sold us the vehicle, called and said he was going to a higher level and trying to get our money refunded. If anything it is a nice gesture and I appreciate him for it. Hopefully we will get a good report tomorrow.

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