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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yesterday morning I was actually going to be a few minutes early to school. I try to get there by 7:30 and the kids come in our rooms at 7:50, usually I am walking out of the house by 7:30. Anyway, yesterday was going to be good. I got dressed without any issues, I mean the first outfit I tried on worked. Everything was going well. I even had my lunch packed before feeding Brent (the day before I forgot it). So anyway I was nursing Brent before I left. Nursing in the morning is hard, because you have to weigh in an extra 30 minutes that you could be in bed sleeping. But it is such a sweet time, because it is just Brent and me. Caitlyn is not usually awake, Jeff is still in bed, and everything is quiet.

Well that sets the scene. Yesterday morning Brent had a really good diaper, meaning he had gotten his money out of this one. So I was changing him and he had messed his pj's too. So I cleaned him up and was holding him out to the side so I could get the sleeves off of him. Well you probably already guessed it, he pooped all over. He got me, my easy to throw on outfit for the day, the couch, the carpet, the coffee table and the basket liner and basket that his diapers and wipes are in under the coffee table. Man, it was a big mess. Jeff had to get out of bed and clean the carpet because I was completely out of time, plus I didn't want to leave him out of this experience, I am very good at sharing !!!! My baby Brent really knows his stuff though. He was all smiles and grins after that, so of course, I couldn't be upset at all with this little guy.

So tonight I venture out with the kiddos to Target and Old Navy. I needed to exchange some shoes at Target for a bigger size because my feet have grown since my pregnancy. Grrrr! At Old Navy I really needed another pair of pants. Target went great without a hitch, but Old Navy was another story. I decide to carry Brent because he is very fussy and is probably going to need a bottle. So on the way to the back of the store Brent is screaming his head off - so people are staring. Caitlyn is actually sitting in the stroller. So we get Brent happy and then Caitlyn procedes to get out of the stroller and runs around. So all of a sudden she is gone. I call her name a couple of times but honestly I am quite embarrassed to call too much. People have been staring and giving me that look all through the store and here I am trying to shop, hold a baby, feed a baby a bottle with the other hand, push a stroller and keep up with a toddler. So I grab the bag, ditch the stroller, and look for Caitlyn. I decide to be quiet and look around the aisles closest to where I lost her. I finally hear her. She is in between the clothes hiding. Oh goodness! Thank goodness I found her quickly. I decided to hit the road. It took about another 10 minutes (or so it felt) just to get her to the front door - and of course people staring. Fun times I tell you!

We did the Applebee's Car Side To Go. That's a beautiful option with a kid and you are sick of drive thru.

I would love to hear any funny, crazy stories you have to share about your kids and shopping or getting ready in the morning.

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  1. WOW!! I was actually laughing out loud on that one.