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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Brent loves his bottle. He is so serious about it that he almost always puts his hand on the bottle even though he is obviously unable to hold it himself.

Brent enjoyed Thanksgiving very much. He was alert and happy all day. He had his eye on the apple pie so I indulged for him.

Caitlyn seemed to be in good spirits today but she isn't feeling well. We were awoken at 3:30 this morning to her yelling that "it was dirty." She had thrown up everywhere. We had to bathe her, change and wash her sheets and clothing. She didn't seem sick otherwise. Today she hasn't eaten much and stayed in our bed for quite a while this afternoon. She hasn't had any of our scrumptious meal either, poor thing.

We had a wonderful meal this afternoon. My dad made jalepeno dressing, Jeff made the turkey and cut up all the veggies for each course. We had mashed potatoes and broccoli and rice casserole and delicious pies. My mouth is already watering again for seconds or thirds!

I am so thankful for a wonderful holiday.
I am thankful for my husband who is so helpful with cooking, cleaning and the kids.
I am thankful for my sweet children, who are tremendously precious!
I am thankful for a wonderful job with great students.
I am thankful for good friends.
I am thankful for my home, new car and all the fun things we have.
I am thankful for the men and women serving overseas for my freedom.
I am thankful for the wonderful woman that takes care of my children while I work.
I am thankful that we have such an amazing God to provide for us!

I am thankful that Jeff let me sleep in this morning and took care of the kids.
I am thankful that Brent slept through the night again - 3 times now!
I am thankful that Caitlyn is not very whiney today.
I am thankful for Pull-ups!
I am thankful for the coffee that my husband has ready for me in the morning.

I am thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!

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