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Friday, November 9, 2007

Sleeping with the Dogs

I know there is an expression similiar to my title but in true fashion I can't say it correctly. Anyway, I believe I've told you before that Caitlyn periodically comes downstairs in the middle of the night and will sleep with Cali, our lab. Last night I woke up to feed Brent about 2:30 am and the living room light was on, so I knew Caitlyn was up. She was asleep with Cali and had the blanket from the couch over her (usually she has her blankie or nothing). I decided to leave her there and luckily Jeff was able to get a picture of her this morning.

When I picked her up from the babysitter she was, of course, having a great time. The sitter and I talked for a while and then I picked up Caitlyn because she had gotten hit by the door (long story) and she was burning up hot. We were around a little girl that we later found out had strep so since we were going to meet Jeff for dinner anyway we ran by and happen to find out she has strep and so do I. On the way in I saw my teammate who was also diagnosed with strep. Oh brother! Thank goodness for a weekend to recover, especially since I have no days to take off.

Brent is doing well in the midst of all this mess. This weekend I am going to have to put away his 0-3 month and break out his 3-6 month clothing. He is already in 3-6 mo - I can't believe it!

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  1. What great pictures of Caitlyn and Cali!! These will be something to treasure in the future. I can see them as a painting by your mother, they are just that classic. Good writing, too. Keep it up, the more you write, the easier it is. You are a natural.