Finally Recess
Time to sit back and have a cup of coffee

Friday, November 2, 2007

Finally Friday

Another week has flown by and my precious Brent is almost 2 months old. It's hard to believe. He is so much more alert and gives tons of smiles. He enjoys kicking his little legs and talking. He has officially grown out of another outfit - a 0-3 mo. onesie. I can't believe it.

Brent has a rash. Jeff thinks it's a viral rash. It hasn't changed or gotten worse so he should be fine.

Caitlyn loves her new Diego puzzle. It is a 30-piece puzzle that is in the shape of Diego. It was very difficult for her but in 2 weeks she pretty much has it down. She spilled her juice tonight so I made her clean it up. She went and got my (used) bath towel and cleaned it up. She is pretty handy to have around.

It is opening season of deer rifle season. Jeff and the guys are at the lease. So I'm going to go shopping with Jennifer. We are going to hit up an Outlet mall in Allen. I can't wait. We are even leaving the kids with a sitter (well except for Brent).

Well I'm looking around, I didn't hear it, but a bomb went off in my house. I'm not sure if I should clean it up tonight or ignore it. Of course, then I'll be running late tomorrow, my house will even get messier. I'm talking myself into ending this blog and cleaning.


  1. Brent looks so big in the pict by himself, but tiny again when others are in the picture. Love your blogs!

  2. You are a very interesting writer. I guess I never realized how well you write. I love your sentence structures, paragraphing, and word choices. You make me feel like I am right there. And I am so happy about the sub the Lord sent to you while you were away from the class. He always does things up right, doesn't he? I would love to meet her sometime.