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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Been Awhile

My sister asked me if I'd fallen off the Blog Bandwagon. Well I'm back! It has been busy around the Rickert household. We have been Christmas shopping, straightening up, organizing, changing formulas and oh, yeah, messing everything up again.

We finished the kids Christmas shopping. It is always so fun to shop for them. I really do think we live vicarously through them. There are just so many cool toys to play with now a days.

Brent is doing well. We tried to put him on a generic brand of Enfamil but that is a no go. Poor little guy has been constipated for a while now. We switched him back and hope to see some improvement soon. Last night I found a thin string or piece of hair tied tightly around two of his toes. We got it off in time and you can tell the blood flow is back now but there is still some indention because of swelling I guess. I feel horrible for letting this happen.

Caitlyn is speaking in full sentences now. One of her favorite sentences is, "Where are you momma?" I can run, but I can't hide!!!! She can draw a circle now and is always very impressed with herself. She really enjoys working puzzles and is quite good at them. She has a Diego 30-piece puzzle that was difficult for all of week.

We got the coolest new desktop computer. It has been lots of fun to play with. Supposedly you can watch tv on it. It even came with a remote control as most of them do now. Unfortunately my laptop is no longer hooked up to the network or printer. I have to figure out how to do this. If you know how please feel free to help!

The pictures are from Thanksgiving. There is a picture of Caitlyn working her Diego puzzle and taking care of Brent. There is a pictures of my dad, grandma and mom with the kiddos.

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