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Monday, November 12, 2007

For Kari

Kari, here is the picture I promised you. Brent is wearing the shirt you got him. I think I heard him say today, "I love my Aunt Kari, giggle, giggle!" I love you!

Here is a cute story of Caitlyn. Last night she was heading up the stairs to bed with dad. I had given her a kiss and then she headed up, but stopped and turned around and said, "Hug!" It was such a beautiful, sweet moment.

Well I would have paid big money for just 1 sweet moment tonight. We walked in the door and bam - she was a complete mess. I started dinner, she's in tears. I'm feeding Brent and she is playing in the expensive can of Enfamil. She was so pleased with herself too, she had some in another bowl - yikes! She took the alfredo cup and rubbed it on the dishwasher. She dropped play-doh bits all over the place. It was just one of those nights. Error, tears, error, tears, etc. The sweetest moment was bedtime! We will try it again tomorrow!


  1. Parenthood! Nothing but ups and downs for the REST OF YOUR DAYS!! It just never stops.

  2. Hi you!! I was a bit behind so I REALLY enjoyed catching up- especially the ladybug video- SOOO cute! She is adorable. I just want to kiss her! I AM going to call you back- unfortunately, you gave me your strep. I was sick this weekend but was in Natalie's wedding- I was out of school yesterday and today but my observation is tomorrow!! Yikes! I'll call you soon.