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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Organzied Toy Room

I'm so proud of myself. I hunkered down and stayed with it and finished the toy room. I have walked in there multiple times for the past weeks and just couldn't make myself do it. Today I succeeded. I cleaned it, purged it and organized it today! Yeah!!

Now that is a difficult task with a 2 year old. She wanted to play with everything I purged. When I started to put it on the counter in the kitchen she told me I was taking her toys. Poor baby, it is hard for her to understand. I am actually doing it for her so she can have room for new toys at Christmas.

I am going to post some pictures. That way I can see how clean it was once. It's really too bad I didn't get any before pictures but I can paint a picture in one word - TORNADO! Just imagine you can't see the floor, every toy in every box is all mixed up and nothing is in it's right home.

We got to go out to eat with Kathleen, our dear friend, this evening. We ate at our favorite restaurant, Chiloso's and the kids were pretty good. Brent was gassy this evening but if you held him just right he was fine.

Just a quick tip, if you register at you can enter my blog and all your other favorites. The reason for this is so you just have to check one website to see when your favorite bloggers have posted. My sister over at turned me on to it. What a time saver!

My voice is completely gone today. I'm sure Caitlyn is wondering why I am whispering. I would be if I was her but she hasn't asked once what's wrong. I got a steriod shot today and started steriod's to bring down the inflammation. Hopefully I will be filling better soon. They are the legal steriods by the way. My voice is already starting to get better but will probably be tons better if I shut up and let it rest.

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